Aravete Secondary School







The first records of education date back to 1858 when the first county school was opened some kilometers away from the present school. It was a threshing/barn type building with just one classroom what was meant as well as for studying, eating and sleeping.
In 1905 school was founded in Aravete.
Until 1917 the educational establishment functioned as a village school with only 3 forms in it. The 4th class was added then.
In 1939 a new schoolhouse was built in Kurisoo (Aravete). During the Second World War it was ruined by a bomb attack. The reconstruction began in 1940 and was finished by 1947.
Throughout the history the school has been renamed several times because of the quantities of classes.
In 1944 the school was renamed to Aravete Incomplete Secondary School. For the last time the school was renamed in 1983. Since then to the present it is called Aravete Secondary School.
The newest building of the school was built for 540 students in 1985. A year later a sport hall and 2 swimming pools were opened. In 2003 a new gym and stadium were built
Until year 1990 school own a garden where products for school canteen were grown.
At the moment there are 22 teachers, 12 ensembles of classes and 166 students.
In 2005 the school has started with the prevocational training for the secondary school students in cooperation with Rakvere Vocational Secondary School.
There are lots of opportunities to practice indoor and outdoor activities. Students are participating in art and computer classes, choirs, folk dancing, drama, and etc. Many students do volunteer work and take active part in students’ self-government.
Each year Aravete school held a number of traditional events such as The Opening Ceremony on September 1st, The Freshmen Day, The Last school bell, Twinlight Running. There are many traditional events in Aravete Secondary School: celebrating Teachers’ Day, Christmas, Shrove Tuesday, St Valentines Day, Fathers” and Mothers’ Days, St Georges Night, the anniversary of Estonian Republic etc. We also have several own traditions like cake baking contest. Style weeks are very popular among students and are organized several times during a year. School has been operating successfully at Youth Traffic Inspectors and Youth Volunteer Firefighters.